About the Author

Marquisha Rogers

“I am who I eat with” by Marquisha Sherice I am a black African American from the south suburbs of Chicago. I am as bold as they come and as conniving as they get if u cross me. In 2010 I moved to Lafayette Indiana which became my home for about 7 years. I’ve been hurt, manipulated, I’ve been called out my name I’ve been drugged through more than mud and I still have the courage to put the stuff I feel on a paper . On January 2nd 2018 I decided that I needed to tell a story that no one could tell for me. This is a fiction but some truth comes with every lie, don’t you think. No I’m not some high class ass journalist nor am I perfect writer I fuck up just like everybody else. When it comes to making my way around the dinner table I minivet just fine. I’ve lost friends but fuck em all, yea every last one of them.