About the Book

Eating By Disloyalty

Author: Marquisha Rogers

Paperback: 9781637280867
PDF: 9781637280874
EPUB: 9781637280874
Kindle: 9781637280874

I am who I eat with, what I give out is what I seek in return. My life goes in shamble when I am disloyal. Do you respect the meaning of loyalty? Or does my way of getting around the dinner table make u feel as if I am unable to be trusted. Do I make you feel uneasy? What are we? And if money is the root of all evil, his attention would be the next. Do we need it as bad as the oxygen we breathe, prolly not but I want it, I am only human and if my way of eating makes me disloyal then so be it. Have you ever just wanted something or somebody so bad, you just couldn’t have them or it, I know me either. This book is about 3 people who take just what they want, can’t find enough in what they have so they try to find more. As I introduce part one I tell a story of how it started, the triangle affair of kam with the bag, Shay with the opportunities, and Saundra the fuck goat. The story of how a man came between a woman and her Best friend. Although it’s a lot of bullshit behind sex plays roles ,sex controls your mind and sometimes you’ll find yourself in sticky situation that drive you to get it how you live.